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Oliverio sauces are unique when compared to others on the market. They are a meal creation tool with endless possibilities, which create an abundant array of cooking delights. Our line is designed to be used as a cooking ingredient; to enhance your pasta, added to meats for a new dimension, or as a topping for sandwiches, pizza and dips. We use ingredients you would if you had the time. Oliverio's does it for you. They allow your cooking experiences to be fun, fast and flavorful.

When you open a jar of your favorite Oliverio product, we feel confident that our products are going to add quality, flavor and convenience to anything you serve. By using the natural characteristics of the many special varieties of fresh peppers and vegetables, Oliverio's has created a signature line to which others cannot compare. 

Use Oliverio's when only the best will do

our history


In the 1930's, in the back of the family grocery store located in Clarksburg, WV, Antoinette Oliverio perfected her recipe for peppers in Italian sauce. The peppers were so popular, her son Frank came up with the idea of offering this true authentic Italian food to others. In 1972, he took her treasured recipes and began canning peppers under the name Oliverio Italian Style Peppers.

This may be how the tradition started, but today Oliverio's still makes all their products with fresh produce and a special blend of herbs and spices, all simmered with perfection in mind. Only the best was served in the Oliverio home, and we strive to make a product worthy to be served in homes across the country. Today, three generations of the Oliverio family have combined their love of good food with their recipe for success, to make Oliverio products superior in every way.

Oliverio Stuffed Pepper
Oliverio Stuffed Pepper


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